Every individual has talent and potential but not everyone has access to opportunities. Hope and Dreams Initiative work to address this gap by partnering with local schools and communities in West Africa to provide youth, especially young girls, and women the educational resources and support they need to reach their full potential. With joint effort from their parents, community leaders, and youths themselves, our programs educate, inspire, and empower youths from communities and prepare them with life-changing skills through our unique and innovative programs to succeed both in the classroom and beyond.

Develop Africa’s youth, especially young girls and women through leadership, entrepreneurship, and job readiness training.

Empower girls with health and hygiene knowledge, finance and business skills, and social skills.

Ensure quality education by training teachers and providing digital & low-cost resources.

Scholarships to gifted A CHILD to provide better chances to succeed


Ensuring a society where children, young people and especially girls are educated and transformed. We provide academic support, life skills training, livelihood, skill development and opportunity creation.


Hopes and Dreams Initiative works to ensure access to portal water, sanitation and health living among children, women and young people through literacy and capacity building, while working in active partnership with youths, communities, and other relevant stakeholders for sustainable development.